Why get maps for your book? Well, what is a good fantasy book without a map in front? I’ve always had a special place in my heart for those books, who featured a map. Who let me follow the protagonists travel across the world. Then I started playing Dungeons & Dragons, and maps gave even more meaning in that concept. I began making my own maps.

Jump ahead some years, and I now not only make maps for my own enjoyment, but help others with their maps as well. So, if you’re an author, and need a map for your book, or game. Take a look at my page, and contact me for a chat about how I can help you. 

I can also make moderne maps, for a tourist destination, or even to find your way round in big company buildings. 

Examples of maps I've made

Regional and city map examples
A region and city map
Map of a Magic School
Building map of a magic school
Map of a small town
Town map
One page Dungeon - Goblin Hideout
One page dungeon - scenario

You can get the scenario here

Modern, sci-fi resistance map
Map for a modern sci-fi story
Map of a world for a roleplaying game
A worldmap for a Roleplaying Game
Book cover with a map as a background
Map as the background for a book cover
Map of a larger fantasy city
City map
Map of a villains lair
Villain Lair
Blueprint map of a cheese heist
Blueprint type map for a heist look
Sci-fi map, of planetary mining
Sci-fi map

Does your book need a map?

As you can see, even from a few examples, there are all kinds of places where you can use a map. 

So if you want maps for your book, rpg or other things you’re working on. Feel free to contact me on info@encounterdepot.com no matter if it’s the classic D&D fantasy map for your ongoing rpg campaign, or if it’s for the novel you’re working on, or already finished. And as you can see, modern maps, or sci-fi maps

If you also need help with your book cover, or layouting your book – you can still write to info@encounterdepot.com or feel free to check out my book cover page on https://catapult.dk/book_cover/