Flesh out your character with my tear-off calendar and companion journal

After months of work, I have finally pressed “LAUNCH” on my Kickstarter project. I hope you will receive it well, and find it a fun idea to help you flesh out your character.

365 Questions for your Character to grow

Whether you are a role-player or a writer, this Calendar is for you.  It’s all about developing your character.  With this Calendar, and its companion Journal, I’m giving you a helping hand, to let you get to know your character much better.

By asking you a question every day, you’ll slowly flesh out who your character is, and how they react in different situations. 

The Calendar is a high-quality print, with a cover that folds back, so it can stand in a prominent place on your desk, or perhaps your kitchen counter 

Every day features a question divided into 12 categories, like Personality TraitsFlaws and Weaknesses, and Skills and Talents. Every question has an example of how to answer it, and a little cartoon, to make you smile, and give you more ideas for your character development.

The questions are genre and system neutral, although the cartoons often lean towards fantasy.

The Companion Journal

What better place to write the answers to all your character questions, than this companion journal. 

It contains all the questions from the calendar, but without the guides and  the daily cartoons. Instead, you get 200 pages where you can write the answers you think of when fleshing out your character.

The picture is a vision of what it could be. Depending on the success of the Kickstarter, I plan to have it leather bound, with gold foil on the front and with a bookmark ribbon to find your place.

You can buy the Calendar and Journal separately, or get them both at a favorable price.

Check out the Kickstarter here: