What is Encounter Depot?

Encounter Depot is your one stop place for extras for your fantasy roleplaying game. From the oldest kid on the block, to the newer games in the genre.
The rules behind it all are made with the D&D Open Game License – however, a creative Game Master will quickly be able to convert any material here to their game of choice.

You’ll find a wide assortment of material on this site. Some examples will be:

  • Non Player Characters (NPC’s)
  • Magic Items
  • Maps for your campaign, dungeon maps, city maps, overland maps – every kind of fantasy map.
  • Scenarios/adventures for your fantasy game.

In addition to that there will be tips and tricks for your games, new spells, rules and lots of other things.

Who are Encounter Depot?

Welcome to Encounter Depot Magazine. I’m Jesper, your editor, and I’ll be your guide through the world I’m creating.
The material on www.encounterdepot.com, is created for you to drop into your existing campaign. However, it is also fleshing out my campaign world, so if you want to use that, you’ll find that maps, characters, and so forth will go together over time and fit in a greater narrative.

For those curious, here’s a little about myself. I’m a graphic designer and have owned and run 3 magazines. The first one was an early attempt at an RPG magazine called Magus. We were way too young to make it then, though. Years later, I made a magazine for students in high schools and colleges in Denmark; we made 30,000 monthly copies. The third was a magazine about all that was happening in Copenhagen (where I’m from), theater, movies, etc., distributed to 130,000 households every month at its height. So, I have real-life experience with making magazines and a love for the media.

The important stuff, of course, is that I’ve been roleplaying since 1981. I started with red box D&D and have been through all the editions. I have also had tons of fun with dozens of other RPGs, from totally niche to huge blockbusters. I’ve played Fantasy Warhammer, RoleMaster, James Bond, Twilight 2000, Star Trek, Star Wars, Mage the Ascension, Shadowrun, and much more.

Underways, I started to make maps for the stories, then became a moderator, under the handle ‘tilt,’ on Cartographers Guild, a map-making forum with 20,000+ members, learning more about the hobby. Even made a map for a Danish roleplaying game along the way.

Lastly, I’m working on two books set in the same city. Both are fantasy, one of them Young Adult. And I’m currently finding my way into professional DM’ing, having taught D&D to many people over the years.

I love the hobby and the great people I’ve met.
And, of course, I’m still having my monthly games with my old group, all the way back when I was a kid. Doesn’t get better than that. <3
Working on this is great fun, and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Jesper Fledelius-Gehrke

I hope you will enjoy the site. Feel free to comment on the posts, contact me if you have questions. And if you like what you read, see and download – please consider supporting the site by buying merchandize and joining kickstarters 🙂

Have fun – and keep playing 🙂