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– A Reader-Guided Episodic Fantasy Story.

Welcome to the free fantasy dnd-ish story of Garan and what he experiences in his life. Garan is an adventurer who travels around in this DnD-inspired world, meets people, fights monsters, and finds treasure. Or at least that is what he has aspired to do since he was a young boy. We will have to see where his travels will bring him and what challenges he will face.

This will be an episodic fantasy story, where I will seek help from my readers to see where the story goes next. Most episodes will end with a question of what you’d like to see, and besides this, you’re always welcome to suggest ideas in the comments. If they are good and fit the story, I might pick them up and go in that direction. I’ll ignore Boaty McBoatface suggestions, though–so, no need to go there–but other than that, I’m not averse to a plot twist here and there.

So I hope you’ll join me for this story; personally, I have NO idea where it will go, but I aim to make it both exciting and fun.

Please note that the story will be mostly unedited and written in one “take.” So don’t expect epic prose, just a fun and hopefully exciting tale 😉.

You can vote on where the story goes on the facebook page of Encounter Depot – here!

The story so far:

Chapter One – Raven Inn