In The Encounter Depot Shop you can find my own designs in fantasy hoodies, roleplaying themed t-shirts, mugs. And there is much more on the way. Come shop till you drop, and share my design with friends that you know will appreciate them. This will support me in making more free material for you, to use in your fantasy roleplaying game.

In the shop you’ll find a mix of fantasy designs and roleplaying designs and a handful of other types of designs. Both DnD related and general fantasy themed. So delve in between virtual shelves and find your way to dnd hoodies, fantasy t-shirts, funny t-shirts and rolepaying themed mugs as well. Soon there will be fantasy stickers to pimp your laptop or gamemaster screen, or hand out to your players for good behaviour. 😉

There will be more designs coming, I am trying to aim for a new design every week. and if you sign up for my newsletter you’ll get a discount code for the new design. Feel free to come with wishes both for what kind of designs you like and what kind of merchandise you’re interested in, and I’ll try to fullfull that.

Later on you will find high resolution maps, scenarios and much more in the shop as well. We’re talking npc’s, traps, new magic tomes and lots of adventures ready to drop into your ongoing campaign, or just challenge your players in a one-off session. Of course, there will still be plenty of free stuff on the main page, but in the shop I will have more expanded material, that goes a little deeper, and even compilations of what is on the page for easy reference.

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