Time to eat? Impress your players with this free handout of an inn menu for your DnD game.

We all know the story, the characters finally getting out of the dungeon, covered in who-knows-what, and it’s time to take their loot to the nearest town, and get a bath and a hearty meal, as they plan where to go next.

The Inn “The Adventurer’s Rest” is the perfect place for your characters to put their legs up, clean off the dungeon smell and dive into a nice meal. There are options for all the days meals. Perhaps they will even a song from the resident bard, while they eat, or regale the locals with their stories.

This is the first ‘part’ of “The Adventurers Rest Inn”. We begin with a menu card for what the Inn serves. In the following posts we’ll take a look of a map of the Inn, the proprietor and maybe a patron or two later on. There will of course also be a couple of adventure hooks to use with the inn.

The Adventurers Rest can of course be dropped anywhere in your campaign that you want, but in my campaign I’m dropping it into the town of Wensforth, a growing town in Calenia.

You can check out Wensforth here, and see the map of Calenia here. More maps will be coming, as I create them, and I’ll be adding to the town of Wensforth as well over time.

For now, order a Potion of Healing and put your feet up, your next handout is on the menu 😉

The Menu

Download the Inn Menu for DnD below:

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