Rwedin smiled. His target for tonight was clearly a better swordsman, but Rwedin didn’t plan to best him in a sword fight. No, he just had to scratch the man’s skin with his blade and let the poison do the work for him. Slowing him down and making him hesitate for the blade to deliver another dose. Then he would no longer be a challenge to defeat.

A feint to the right, a feint to the left, dodging a lunge from his opponent and nicking his arm with the poisoned blade. The first doze delivered, Rwedin went into a defensive stance, waiting for the poison to set in in less than a minute. Then taking advantage of the confusion to administer more.

Nightshade Venom (contact, ingest)

Appearance: Nightshade Venom is a dark, viscous liquid with a deep purple hue

Effect: When applied to a weapon or ingested, it induces drowsiness and weakness in the victim. Within 1d4 turns, they become sluggish and disoriented, making it challenging to move or fight effectively. They are poisoned. In addition to the normal effect of poisoned, they also move at half speed.

Saving Throw: Make a DC 15 constitution save to resist this poison

Duration: The effects of Nightshade Venom last for an hour per number the victim failed their saving throw. (ie, a roll of 13 means they are poisoned for 2 hours)

Cure: The effect wears off again by itself (see duration)

Side Effects: If you are poisoned again with Nightshade Venom, within a week of your last poisoning, you’re overdosing. The DC goes up with 2 per extra dose you’ve received, and the duration doubles. If you hit 24 hours, you are unconsciousness till the poison is out of your system.

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