Dungeons and Dragons celebrate 50 years this year, and what better way than to come out in LEGO. So now your favorite RPG can meet up with your favorite brick building toy 🙂

 LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale

When Lego and Dungeons & Dragons made a competion for a D&D design, Lucas Bolt (BoltBuilds), a 32-year-old from Amsterdam, came up with the winning design from among 600 participants.

The LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale set has 3,745 pieces and features a tavern with a removable roof, a tower, and a dungeon. An impressive brick red dragon, Cinderhowl, also wraps around the tower to loom overhead.

You’ll also find six minifigures, including an orc rogue, gnome fighter, elf wizard, and dwarf cleric, as well as iconic brick-built monsters, including the beholder, owlbear, and displacer beast.

In additon to that there’s a free scenario for DnDBeyond users and LEGO Insiders. (PDF Only), which you can get in April.

And if you think that are the only good news there -you’re wrong 😉 … to celebrate the release LEGO is hosting a D&D play session in the LEGO House, with my favorite YouTuber Ginny Di, along with Luis Carazo (Seen on Critical Role), Lucas Bolt (The Designer) and Jordan Scott (LEGO’s designer). Anjali Bhimani (Actress and known from Critical Role as well) takes the role as a DM for the first time, in this level 5 adventure, which I’m sure is going to be fantastic fun. And with a Dungeon Master screen like that, I’m sure we’ll have a worthy boss fight at the end for the brave adventurers.

It airs on April 6 at 9 a.m. PT on the Dungeons & Dragons YouTube and Twitch channels and on LEGO.com!
So be sure to tune in and watch 🙂

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