A nice little map of an Inn, to plop right into your DnD campaign.

The Inn

The Adventurers Rest is a cosy inn run by Embra Solrar. A man with a friendly demeanor, which has made his Inn rise to a high popularity both among the local citizens, and travelers passing through the area. Everyone feels at ease in his presence.
The main room is at least half filled every night, no matter the weather or season. Often a bard is entertaining, or the customers themselves are singing. It’s a friendly and jolly place for all visitors.
The inn also features a row of single rooms, and for the travelers looking to save a coin, there is a big common room to a low price.
Across the yard from the inn itself is a stable, for adventurers who ride to town. Embra Solrar also often let travelers down on their luck spend the night in the stable, especially if the weather is bad.

The Adventurers Rest can of course be dropped anywhere in your campaign that you want, but in my campaign I’m dropping it into the town of Wensforth, a growing town in Calenia.

You can check out Wensforth here, and see the map of Calenia here. More maps will be coming, as I create them, and I’ll be adding to the town of Wensforth as well over time.

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