So Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast have apparently premiered their new ‘free’ (ad paid) DnD channel, which is supposed to run 24/7 when it’s fully in the air. For now there should be 3 shows on it, and it should be running on Amazon FreeVee and Plex. Now I have Plex, so I searched for the show, but nothing showed up. Then I started googling and found a link on plex’s site, it lead to a 404 error page. Hmmm… I continued and found the DnD beyond page promoting the channel and shows, succes at last. I clicked the Plex link – 404… I clicked the FreeVee link (something I never heard off before), and it didn’t lead me to the show, but to a long list of channels, no where to search – well, you could, but it lead you to shopping pages on Amazon… sigh.

So, I don’t know if it because I’m in Europe, and DnD is like we don’t care about them enough to even say that it’s US only? Or if there are some initial problems – for now I’ve only seen the same news article repeated on several media, so who knows if it’s running yet. I do look forward to seeing what it is, if we’re allowed here on the other side of the pond?

I guess DnD has the initiative now.. hope they use it and don’t hold their action 😉