A new Monster for your campaign

The sun had gone down past the horizon, leaving the land dark and shadowy, moon mostly obscured by clouds. The party of adventurers were turning in after a long day of travel. Rian staying up to keep watch for the first two hours. A quiet lowering over the land as the group settled in and slowly fell asleep one by one. Only sounds of small animals scuttling in the nearby thicket, and the crackling of the campfire, breaking the silence.

Rian had just sat down beside the low fire again, after having walked the perimeter scouting for trouble. Nothing to notice. He sat breaking small pieces of a dry old stick and throwing them into the fire. Small flashes of fire shot up as they caught fire one by one. He looked up at the sky. Still an hour left till he would get to sleep, the soft snooring of his companions making him a little envious. Then again, first watch was a good deal, just had to stay awake two extra hours, and then he’d get six hours uninterupted sleep thereafter.

The howl was the first he heard, first one wolf, then several answering. But Rian wasn’t nervous, wolves wouldn’t attack them. They were out for smaller, easier prey. Still he looked up in the direction of the calls, seeing their silluettes on a nearby hill… 5 wolves. He looked closer, they were running towards the party’s campsite, and was… someone riding them?
”WAKE UP!” he shouted as he got to his feet grabbing his sword. “We’re under attack.”

The party was only starting to get out of their sleeping bags when the wolves arrived, Goblins on their backs.

Goblin Wolfrider for DnD

The Goblin Wolfrider for DnD is a fast and fierce enemy. They prefer to attack at night, normally riding wolves, although some might ride Worgs instead. (Depending on how hard a challenge you want as a GM).

Wanna expand the story – you can let the players follow the tracks of the Goblins to their hideout. Check that out here.

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