What to do next? Here is a free handout for your DnD game.

Returning to their main town from their latest adventure, or perhaps just passing through. No matter why, it’s time to see what is happening in town. And what better place to check out what is happening than with notes on the local billboard? Maybe they hammered the billboard of the town into the big oak tree in the middle of town. Maybe it’s at the mayor’s office, or on the wall at the inn.

In these notes from the billboard, you can find potential adventures, or maybe just a fun distraction. I’ve made a few different notes for this first billboard, I plan to make a lot more later on. You’ll find a color print version of the notes ready for print. And If you have some cool paper, I’ve also added a text-only, black version for you to print on your own paper.

The billboard can, of course, fit in any town in your campaign, or it could hang in “The Adventurers Rest,” an inn found in my campaign, in the town of Wensforth, a growing town in Calenia.

You can check out Wensforth here, and see the map of Calenia here. More maps will be coming, as I create them, and I’ll be adding to the town of Wensforth as well over time.

Now, will you go on adventure again, in search of magical amulets, or perhaps just go fishing? 😉

The Billboard

You can download the billboard pdf for DnD below:

Billboard Handout – contains color and black and white pages

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