A Magic Item for DnD – The Rust Sword

Are you in need for a new magic item to give your players? Look no further. Here is a fun sword to put in the game.

Magic Item for DnD - The Rust Sword

The Sword of Rust

Weapon (Sword), rare
+1 magic longsword

The sword has 1d4 charges when found. On a successful hit, you can choose to make a rust-attack. It gives a permanent and cumulative -1 penalty to AC for a non-magic metal shield or armor worn. Hitting the shield first until its bonus is reduced to 0, thus destroying it. When the armor’s AC reaches 10, it gets destroyed. Every sunrise it recharges 1d4 charges, to a maximum of 4.

You can also use this power out of combat by touching the sword to any metal object. Check with your GM for effect.

The construction of the Rust Sword, of course, requires an antenna of a Rust Monster. The infusion requires great care, lest the very metal the sword is forged from rusts away in production.

Take note that the effects of the rust power only affect non-magical metal armor and shields. That also means that it is most effective against low-level enemies. The sword itself is looking very rusty, and might not fit a warrior who takes great pride in the appearance of their equipment. 😉

Should the players chose to use the sword against metal that isn’t worn, it is up to the GM how it will work. Against a static item, like prison bars, you just hold the sword against them, willing it to use the effect. The GM will decide how resistant they are, but in theory you should be able to destroy 1d4 cubic feet of metal (as long as the metal is touching the sword when activated).

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