As a long time Dungeons and Dragons DM and player, it is a sad time. I have been playing since 1982 and have spend thousands of hours in that game. But it looks like corporate greed has managed to sour that unfortunately, and forcing me, and many others to turn to other roleplaying games in the years ahead.

Wizard of the Coast/Hasbro who owns Dungeons & Dragons have tried to change the Open Game Licence (OGL) they have with 3rd party publishers, to a truly terrible one. They want the publishers to basically sign all their rights away, which is of course, not only greedy, but also making anything uncertain, as they can change the rules with 30 days notice.

So, small and big publishers alike, now 1500+, have gone together and are creating a new license to use in non DnD games, as we are all moving away from the toxic environment of WotC.

So Encounter Depot supports the ORC (Open RPG Creative License) and is going to work with releasing upcoming procucts under that license instead of the WotC license.