Apotechary background for your dnd character

You are a member of the Guild of Apothecaries and Alchymists. You’ve spent your years working with elixirs, brews, and mysterious concoctions, with an unquenchable thirst for unlocking the hidden properties of herbs, minerals, and arcane ingredients. You have dedicated your life to the art of alchemy. and medicine. From crafting potent potions that mend wounds to concocting mysterious elixirs that grant otherworldly abilities, you are a true marvel in the realm of apothecaries.
Be a Master of Potions (the generalist), a Herbalist Healer (you get what he does 😉 ) , or a Toxicologist (the master of poisons)

Sounds interesting?

You can use this Apotechary background for your dnd character in your character generation, giving them a knowledge of potions to use in the game. Or as a GM, you can use this to make a interesting NPC for your players to meet, and perhaps trade with. Or maybe he could be the place to go, to order new kinds of potions, or identify strange looking potions they find. (Although, normal rules would say you can identify by tasting a drop)

Please note that a background like this won’t be suitable for all games. If for instance your game is in a low magic setting, or if your game master prefer potions, maybe especially healing potions, to be seldom and pricy to get. They might not allow a character that can make access to potions easier. So remember to always talk to your Game Master about what is allowed in the game. And even if allowed you might have to adjust the background to fit into the existing campaign.

Download the PDF here.

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