An Innkeeper NPC for your DnD game

Embra Solrar is a stout, square human standing at 5 feet 11 inches. His short hair is orange red, and he has a black mustache that is his pride. He runs the inn “Adventurers Rest,” and has for most of his life.

The Inn, and thus the innkeeper, is a standard part of every fantasy story. A starting point for adventurers to meet up, maybe even meet for the first time. A place where to find missions, and make connections. Somewhere to rest and heal wounds, after being on an adventure. And probably also a place where they brave adventurers might spend some of that loot they found. Sometimes so much of it, that they need a new adventurer right after, maybe even to settle the debt from the night before. 😉

This pdf has Embra Solrar’s dnd statistics, his description, an adventure hook to get players started, and some ways to go from there.

Sounds interesting?

You can drop the Inn Adventurers Rest into your existing world, or use the world I’m building up around it. You can of course also use this innkeeper in any adventure you have, without the inn. Do what suits you best. 🙂

I am going to build up more elements of this NPC and his inn. So, you’ll not only find a map of the inn, and a cool menu handout, but also find that I’m making more shops and NPCs to go with both the inn and the town it’s in. And of course a map of the town and the regional area as well.

Download the PDF here.

Here is more to go with your inn adventure:
Here is a map of the Inn
Check out “A Menu for Adventurers Rest” – for a cool handout for your players.

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