Liva’s hand was shaking. She looked at the small glass vial in front of her and tried breathing evenly, just as she had been taught for the last year. The small pipette hovered over the mixture in the vial, a swirling liquid of a dark red color. “Just a single drop,” she pressed the little balloon at the end of the pipette and saw how the drop ever so slowly started to shape at the tip. It filled up and then let go, dropping into the vial on the table before her. A smile formed on her lips just as the second drop started forming on the tip of the pipette. She had already let go of the ballon, but still, the drop was forming. Sweat was running in her eyes. This had to be perfect; she couldn’t fail. Very gently, she moved her hand to the side, careful not to disturb the hanging drop. She sank with a gulp, and the slight movement made her hand shake just enough to loosen the second drop. It fell towards the vial, and it seemed like time stood still. She watched the drop hit the edge of the vial, then run down the outside of the glass. She sighed, relieved.

“That was a close call Liva.” The low hum of Rwedins voice reached her from his vantage point at the end of the table.

She turned towards him, eyes downcast “Yes, Master, I will do better.”

“I know you will.” His voice betrayed no emotion, but she knew him a year now and knew that he would make her repeat this exercise. Almost right wasn’t right, and in his profession, that was literally a question of life and death. And his clients usually expected death.

Fiendish Fire (contact)

When touching an object coated in Fiendish Fire poison, you feel an immediate burning reaction due to its potent nature. The poison is infused with the burning blood of Fiend and is invisible to the naked eye. The victim must succeed a DC 18 Constitution saving throw or become poisoned. A successful saving throw still delivers 4(1d6) of poison damage and renders the body part that came in contact with the poison incapacitated for 10 minutes. On a failed saving throw, the victim takes 13(4d6) poison damage and falls prone in fiery pain for 4(1d6) rounds. The body part that came in contact with the poison will be unusable until the poison is out of the system. The poison spreads through the body. Every hour, the victim must succeed a saving throw or take 8(2d6) damage and roll on the table below for the affected body part. The body part rolled flares up in pain and then goes numb and unusable until the poison is out of the system. On three consecutive saves (over three hours), the poison has left the body. If at any time both head and torso are poisoned the victim goes to 0 HP and must start rolling death saving throws.

1-3Right Leg
4-6Left leg
7-9Right Arm
10-12Left Arm
13Right Hand
14Left Hand

Price pr dose: 1,500 gp