This book is a beautiful art collection, lovingly curated. 260+ pages of fan-created art for the tv-show “Critical Role,” as seen through the eyes of Expositor Beauregard Lionett. In it, we walk through the world of Exandria through art depicting the key players and a good handful or two of the guest players and NPCs.

There are decriptive pages about the characters in between the art, telling us a bit of their story, with scribbled notes in the margins from Beauregard’s colleagues.

If you haven’t already watched Critical Role, you should – it’s well worth a watch. They play almost every Thursday on Twitch – or if you are like me and like there to be subtitles on the show – it is uploaded to youtube on Mondays.

Professional voice actors play each their role in the ongoing campaign, with Matt Mercer as the Game Master – and what a job they all do. Fantastic!

I started by watching season 2 last January. Now, having caught up, I am watching season 1 as well. I would recommend it to anyone new to the show as season 2 is very professionally produced, where the early episodes of season one might not catch your attention as much. 😉

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